Zentangle with Tannins

Pam Signorelli, teacher
Learn Zentangle

October 29, 6:30-8:30pm.   Making art is always therapeutic because it involves contemplation, self expression and reflection, but Zentangle Art has earned a place in Psychology Today. See this article by Cathy Malchiodi PhD,  in which she shares its qualities:

It’s self soothing
It’s simple
It teaches how to own mistakes
It reinforces aimlessness

Pam Signorelli teaches two classes at Articipate this fall: Oct. 29th and Nov. 1st. Come and try it! This time it’s Tannins and Tangles; random tea and wine rings combine with thoughtful patterns; a great contrast! What will Pam Signorelli think up next? $26 per person. All materials provided.


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