Shared Studio Space: Is it for you?

dedicate some time and space for your art

Shared Studio Space: It’s not for everyone, but It might be perfect for you:

Starting in 2020, we are giving out the entry code to 6 artists to share the space.

Description of space: A safe area on 12 Mile Road in Berkley, one block from several restaurants and free parking in our side lot.  We have wifi, telephone, printer, double laundry sink, good lighting, shelf space for your tools and paints and limited storage for your paintings. All for $135 per month, and first month is free when you sign up for 6 months.

Caveat: 12-15 evenings per month, according to our public calendar, your painting space will need to be cleaned up and shelved to accommodate evening classes. Similarly, some Saturdays and Sundays are used for workshops.  We average about 4-6 weekend daytime events per month.

Interested? You can try it for a month and then decide if you want to sign up for 6 month period of time. Give Deb Kobayashi a call: 248-812-9022, or email at