Student Art Show: Art Call

Hello Articipants!

Say NO! to closet art.  Get those works of self expression out and dazzle your audience. We’ll celebrate the courage to create and sharing our beginnings. 

Art Opening at Articipate Friday, September 27,  6:30-8:00pm. 

Who is eligible?  You are, if you can confirm all three statements:

  • I started my painting at Articipate.
  • I painted this in watercolor, acrylic, oil or pastels
  • I am submitting online


  • Last day to submit online is September 20, 5:00pm
  • Please bring your painting to Articipate between September 21 and September 25th (hours are 12-5:30pm) 

There is no size limit

No commission will be charged.  Your work can be for sale or not for sale

How to Submit: please use the form below.

Call for Art